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August-2023 (Vol 12 Issue 8)

1 Design and Analysis of an Improved Exhaust Manifold were Based on the Findings of an Existing Exhaust Manifold Analysis
2 A Literature Survey Exhaust Manifold Depended on The Analysis Results of An Already Established Exhaust Manifold: A Review
3 Energy Management System for hybrid DC–AC Microgrid
4 Renewable Energy with Battery Storage based Electric Vehicle ChargingStation
5 Replaced Capacitor Based 6-Boosting Factor, 13-level Inverter Topology with Variable Load Condition and Low Cost Function
6 Proportional Design of Earth Tube Heat Exchanger Materials For Cooling of Air : A Review
7 Proportional Design of Earth Tube Heat Exchanger Materials For Cooling of Air
8 Stability Analysis of AI Technique Based Dynamics Control in Renewable Energy Interfaced Grid Systems
9 Optimizing Control of UPFC AI Based Dual Converter Technology for Grid Integrated PV System
10 On Line Electrical Grid Interfaced WECS with UPQC for Power Quality Improvement
11 Optical Properties of Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) by Doping With Different Material Performance
12 A Literature Survey of Brain Tumor Detection Using Different Deep Learning and Machine Learning Techniques:A Review
13 A Literature Survey of Multi Class Support Vector Machine Based Plant Leaf Disease Using Different Features Analysis: A Review
14 A Literature Survey On Die Angle on Stress Distribution During Aluminum Rod Extrusion Process
15 A Literature Survey of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Detection using Machine Learning Approach