S. NO. Topic Download
1 An Empirical Analysis of Health Related Issues Caused bythe Stress and its Significant Impact on Personal and Professional Life of Mumbai Police Force (MPF)
2 A Dynamic Approach to Reduce the Stress Levels and its Controlling Parameters among Mumbai Police Force (MPF)
3 Value Conflict among Cross- Cultural Undergraduates In Relation To Their Spiritual Intelligence
4 Efficient Data Access in DTN using Cooperative caching
5 Securing User Locations in Geo-Social Networks
6 Peer to Peer Distributed Data Management in Cloud
7 Modulation theorem for Laplace Weierstrass transform with some properties
8 An application of second order Ramanujan numbers
9 A Survey: An Efficient Auditing Technique in cloud computing
10 Travelling Based Hybrid Recommender System
11 Preventing Sybil Attack Using Anti-Image Spamming Technique
12 Enhancing QoS on DSR using secure Algorithms
13 A Novel Skewness Algorithm for Dynamic Resource in Cloud Environment by Means of Virtualization
14 Improving Security using Graphical Passwords based on AI Problems
15 Design and Analysis of NSD Approach on WSN in order to filter out the Impact of Attackers during Data Transmission
16 Design and Analysis of an Automatic Network Testing System to Detect Network Failures