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1 Effect of Barium on Structural, Dielectric and Ferroelectric properties on PLZT ceramics
2 Reduction of area and delay in Binary comparator
3 Multi-hop Stable Selection with Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Network
4 Phytochemical analysis of leaves extract of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh
5 In Vitro Study of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Eucalyptus Camaladulensis on Glucose Uptake by Isolated Rat Hemi-Diaphragm
6 Literature Survey on Dynamically Maintaining a Distributed Collection of Elements in a Legitimate Method
7 Enhancing Cloud Storage Security and Privacy by Using Hybrid Cryptography
8 Joins and Semi-Joins in Distributed Query Processing
9 Literature Survey on Developments in Intelligent Transport Systems: Use of Wireless Sensor Network in Traffic Management System
10 Secured Connectivity of Optimal Increase in Multi-hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
11 Tapping Huge Eco-Tourism Potential Areas of Manipur for Sustainable Growth
12 RFID Technology Using In Library and Information Centers
13 On Some Fourier Cosine Series Involving Products of General Class of Multivariable Polynomials and Multivariable I -Function
14 3d Image Cropping For Various Displays
15 Zeros of Polynomials
16 An Approach to Improve the Throughput OF ZigBee Cluster Tree Network
17 PB FCFS Algorithm for Scheduling and Backfilling in Grid Computing
18 Mammogram calcification classifications based on wavelet transform
19 Automated Method of Preventing Packet Losses in Mesh Network
20 A New Protocol for Making User Profile Anonymous in Mobile Social Networks
21 Novel Protocol for Optimizing Client-Server Assignment problem in Distributed Networks
22 Sequence Selection of Captcha as Graphical Password Scheme against Spyware