Serial No. Topic Download
1 Zeros of a Polynomial with Restricted Coefficients
2 Design and Implementation of Raspberry Pi based Commercial Embedded Webserver
3 Hybrid Solar Rickshaw
4 Congestion Management Using Facts Devices
5 Circuit Sketch Recognition
6 BER Performance for SISO and SIMO Technique Over Rayleigh Fading Channel
7 New Routing Protocol for Energy Conservation with Power Consumption Optimization in MANET
8 Survival Analysis of Faulty classes in object oriented programming
9 QoS Metrics for the Web
10 Iterative Block Level Principal Component Averaging fusion using DCT
11 Effects of Cinnamon Consumption in Diabetic Patients
12 A Composite Model for Weather Prediction using Cluster of Neural Networks
13 Medical Image Fusion Based On Sparse Fusion Method Using DWT
14 An overview of Indoor Localization Technologies and applications
15 Deterioration Process of Concrete Structures near Sea Shore Constructions
16 An Approach for Network Security Situation Awareness
17 A Secure Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme For Cloud Users Information Packets Access Control In Cloud Computing
18 SUSIE: Search Using Services and Information Extraction
19 Outlier & Pattern Detection Techniques over Categorical KDD Dataset
20 Preventing Sybil Attack Using Anti-Image Spamming Technique
21 A Secure Auditing Approach in Homomorphic Encryption in Cloud Computing
22 Google Android Operated Smart Home Automation
23 Data Security with Armstrong Numbers Using Modified RSA Public Key Cryptosystem (Using Two Key Pairs & Lychrell Numbers)
24 Authentication Technique Using Visual and Textual Passwords against Key Loggers, Shoulder Surfing and Dictionary Attacks