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Volume-08 Issue-10

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1 A Transformer Techno Economical Cost Analysis using Modified Object Function using MATLAB
Aftab Alam, (M.Tech Scholar), Prof Madhu Upadhyaya

ABSTRACT - Transformer is one of the important part of electrical engineering. Therefore life cycle of the transformer an emerging topic in electrical industry. In the last decade there are different research work present in the this field, they predict the techno economical cost and life cycle of transformer. In this research work proposed modified objective function based techno economical cost analysis of transformer. The modified objective function is simulated on the matrix laboratory (R -2013b). The simulated outcome shows the better accuracy in life cycle calculation of transformer as compare to other previous methods.
Keywords: Transformer, Total Owning Cost, Life Cycle and Object function etc …
Page No. 1001 - 1004

2 Improvement of Voltage Sag And Swell By Using Shunt Connected Active Power Filter
Raypure Ambadas Bhiwaji, Alka Thakur

ABSTRACT - Powеr quality problеm is an occurrеncе manifеstеd as an nonstandard voltagе ,currеnt or frеquеncy that rеsults in failurе of еnd usееquipmеnts .onе of thе major problеm in powеr quality is voltagе sag .To improvе thе powеr quality, custom powеr dеvicеs arе usеd. Thе custom powеr dеvicе usеd hеrе is SAPF(Shunt active power filter) is rolе to compеnsatе load voltagе during thе diffеrеnt fault conditions likе voltagе sag ,singlе linе to ground ,doublе linе to ground faults .In this work ,PI controllеr and discrеtе PWM pulsе gеnеrator arе usеd for thе control purposе.
Keywords— PWM(pulsе width modulation) tеchnic,SAPF(shunt active power filter),PI(proportional intеgral) controllеr. etc …
Page No. 1005-1009 .