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Volume-08 Issue-09

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1 Doppler radar System for Vital sign detection of human –Literature review
V. Kousalya Devi, Dr.A.Kaleel Rahuman

ABSTRACT - Non contact vital sign detection of human is needed for many medical applications This paper surveys ongoing advances in health care and developments in detection applications of Doppler radar .In the most recent decade, new front-end architectures, baseband signal processing techniques, and system-level integrations have been proposed by numerous scientists in this field to improve the detection precision and robustness. The benefits of noncontact detection have attracted interests different applications, for example, energy smart home, baby monitor, cardiopulmonary action evaluation, and tumor tracking. While many of the reported systems were bench-top prototypes for concept verification, several portable systems and integrated radar chips have been demonstrated .This paper surveys various architectures, baseband signal processing, and system implementations. Approvals of this innovation in a clinical situation will likewise be examined.
Keywords: Doppler radar, non-contact detection, vital Design, etc
Page No. 901-904

2 An Improve I2C Protocol For Secure Multiuser Data Transmission
Tok Singh Suryawanshi, Prof. Sudesh Gupta

ABSTRACT -When using the I 2C bus protocol, the designer must ensure that the hardware complies with the I 2C standard. This application report describes the I2C protocol and provides guidelines on debugging a missing acknowledgment, selecting the pullup resistors, or meeting the maximum capacitance load of an I2C bus. A conflict occurs if devices sharing the I2C bus have the same slave address. This document provides solutions to this conflict by using the devices' features or external components Inter-integrated circuit (I2C) (NPX) is a two-wired protocol that can operate at different speeds (standard mode, fast mode, and high-speed mode). Although other protocols are simpler and do not have speed limitation (such as SPI), the scalability offered by I2C made it attractive as an interface for some of TI's CDC products. I2C prevents data corruption by performing a wired-AND operation as the I2C interface has open-drain or open-collector output. When the SDA line is low that translates in the I2C bus as being busy. Also, this interface allows the master to check the bus status. By pulling the master SDA line high, it can verify the status of the bus: busy if the line stays low (as some device is pulling the line low), or free if the line is high.
Keywords— I 2C bus protocol, SDA line, SPI and NPX etc …
Page No. 905-909
3 A Literature Survey on Booth Algorithms Based FIR Filter Design
Rajiv Kumar Bharti, Prof. Sandip Nemade

ABSTRACT - The increase in demand of portable devices makes Low power device design and it becomes an important field of research. Power dissipation is one of the fundamental design objectives in integrated circuit, after speed. Design of low area, delay and power forms the largest systems in VLSI system design. These three parameters i.e. power, area and speed are always traded off. However, area and speed are usually conflicting constraints, so that improving speed results mostly in larger areas. The addition and multiplication of two binary numbers are the fundamental and most frequently used arithmetic operation in microprocessors, digital signal processors, and data-processing application specific integrated circuits. In Multiplier Accumulator unit addition and multiplication forms the main blocks. High speed and low power MAC units are required for applications of digital signal processing like Fast Fourier Transform, Finite Impulse Response filters, convolution etc. Area and speed of MAC unit are the most significant factors, but sometimes, increasing speed also increases the power consumption, so there is an upper bound of speed for a given power criteria.
Keywords— Multipliers, Modified Booth’s algorithm, Spartan-3E FPGA, VHDL etc …
Page No. 910-913
Mr. Abhay Singh ( Research Scholar), Ms Kamni Laheriya

ABSTRACT - Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is an innovative concrete that does not require vibration for completely filling formwork and achieving full compaction, even in the presence of congested reinforcement. The hardened concrete is dense, homogeneous and has the same engineering properties and durability as traditional vibrated concrete. In India, HINDALCO’S Aluminium refinery in Belgaum, Karnataka and many other places like Chhattisgarh generates a voluminous quantity of industrial waste in the form Red mud. This is largely dumped at sites, which are referred to as red mud pounds. The volume of waste generated is large and its alkalinity has the potential to contaminate valuable surface and groundwater resources. The dumping of red mud causing big threat for the society and it is disturbing the eco systems of the environment.So the objective of this research was comparing the Compressive strength value of Selfcompacting by blending or by replacing the cement by Red mud. Cube specimens (15cmx15cmx15cm) were tested for compressive strength after 28 days of standard curing; in order find out if self-compacting concrete by blending or by replacing the cement by Red mud would show an increase in strength.
Keywords — self-compacting concrete (SCC), NVC (Non-vibrated concrete), SQC (Super quality concrete), ready-mixed concrete (RMC), Pre-stressed Concrete Institute (PCI). etc …
Page No. 914-921
5 A Literature Survey on Biodegradable Oil as Transformer Insulating
Girdhar Singh Netam, Prof. Madhu Upadhyay

ABSTRACT - The development of a vegetable oil based fully biodegradable dielectric fluid for use in electrical equipment is described. The starting material was a high oleic vegetable oil which was further purified and stabilized. A battery of evaluation tests and performance tests were conducted which confirmed the applicability of the fluid in equipment such as distribution transformers for prolonged use. The fluid belongs to the class of less flammable liquids due to its high flash and fire points. It is considered environmentally friendly due to its very high biodegradability. It is a possible alternative to the currently used fluids such as mineral oil and silicone which have low biodegradability.
Keywords— Dielectric strength, Natural ester, Sanitation process, Antioxidants, Nan particles etc.
Page No. 922-925