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1 Client Side Solution for Protection of Web Applications from Cross Site Scripting Attack
2 Implementation of 6T SRAM Using NWL Technique
3 Experimental Investigation Of Re Entrant Bowl Piston Using Diesel Additives in CI DI Diesel Engine
4 Bridgeless Critical Conduction Mode Boost Power Factor Correction Converter Using ANFIS
5 Visualizing Of Skin Color Using a Commercial Smart Phone by Multispectral Wiener Estimation 1 by Non Linear F.E.M
6 Hiding Secret Messages in Images
7 Efficient Signature Scheme for Secure Electronic Transaction
8 Proactive Approach for SQL Injection Attack
9 E-Alert: Bank Alert Messaging Unit Using IOT
10 Efficient Management of Unstructured Data in Big Data Environment
11 A Novel Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Mcpwm With Minimum Switches
12 Design and Implementation of SEPIC converter for Solar Energy Conversion System Using Hill Climbing MPPT Algorithm
13 Solar Energy Conversion System using Ripple free MPPT for Grid connected PV system
14 Solar energy conversion using modern multi-level inverter for simple lighting system
15 Induction Motor Fed L-Z Source Inverter Using Closed Loop Controller for Variable Speed Drives
16 An optimization scheme for data transmission in MANET
17 Optimization of Investment and Storage Constrained MultiItem Inventory Model with Quality and Environmental Concern
18 A Consignment stock inventory model with the imperfect production process and energy usage for transportation and production
19 Power Quality Improvement Using TCSC and STATCOM