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JAnuaruy 2016


1 An Approach for Image Classification
2 Non-Linear Programming for Induced Drafting Practices in Industries
3 A Study On Perceptions Of Quality Of Work Life - With Special Reference To Academicians Working In Engineering Colleges With Special Reference To Coimbatore District
4 THBA: Efficient Approach For Recommender System
5 Estimation of Software Size by Using UML- A Review
6 Optimization and Performance of Human Activity Using Invariant Approach of Gabor Filter In Combination with HMM
7 Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Power Quality by Implementing the FACTS System
8 UML Profile for Modeling Quality of Service - A Review
9 Optimization of Diversified Images by Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
10 Implementation of QoS for Adaptive Multimedia in Wireless/ Mobile Network-A Review
11 Implementation of QoS for Adaptive Multimedia in Wireless/ Mobile Network
12 Implementation of Microstrip Patch Antennas for Mutual Coupling Using Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure
13 A Review on Data Collection Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
14 Product Analysis Support For Customers Using Association Rule Mining
15 Performance Analysis Of Optical Interleave Division Multiple Access Using Solitons
16 Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Information Sharing System Designed by Humans Networks
17 Design and Analysis of a Novel Selective Boundary Cut Algorithm over a LAN Network
18 A Novel Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption Algorithm for a Secure Data Retrieval in Military Networks