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1 Portable Camera-Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading from Hand-Held Objects for Blind Persons
2 Eradication of Mist and Dew from Ongoing Video and Images Using Shallow Rank Pattern and Carnal Interchange
3 Effect of Process Parameters on Weld Bead Geometry in Mig Welding
4 Design of Development for Bitumen Pavement on Sub Grade Plastic Silt Behavior by Finite Element Method
5 The Experimental Study on Flexible Pavement on Plastic Silt 1 by Non Linear F.E.M
6 Effect of Geometric Change on Performance of an Air Filter
7 Development of an Integrated System for Cam Profile Generation and Manufacturing using SLS Process
8 Optimization of Single Pass Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger by Experimental Approach under Different Baffle Orientation
9 Usage of Iron Ore Tailing and Mining Over-Burden for Construction Purpose
10 Effect of Different UML Diagrams to Evaluate the Size Metric for Different Software Projects
11 Eatigue Indicators of Drivers by Using Non-Fatal Abetment Monitoring System
12 Comparative Study In Between STATCOM and SSSC Subjected to Wind Energy System
13 Demonstrating a Millimeter wave band DPSK Radio Over Fiber System and Minimizing Effects of Chromatic Dispersion
14 Re-Routing Based Hybrid ACO-PSO Based Routing Algorithm for MANETs
15 Enhancing the Mapreduce Using Cache in Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
16 Troop Ability for Identifying Compulsive Occasion in Crowded Surroundings
17 A Survey : An Approach for semantic-Synaptic Web Entropy
18 Energy Aware Routing In Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey
19 A Comparative Study of Behaviour of Structural Parameters Subjected to Lateral Forces by Shear Walls and Bracing Systems using Software
20 Hybrid algorithms for Secure Encrypted Data Hiding Technique: A Survey
21 Detection of Face Spoofing Activities in Face Recognition and Verification System
22 Enhanced Cloud Performance and Security via Data Fragmentation Replication and Encryption
23 A Novel Approach of Providing Privacy for the Cloud Data by Using Group Key Mechanism